To help you find the right person to speak to, we have created a map showing each individual location - simply click on the location you need and relevant local contact details will appear.

Note that all West Coast Motors divisions are represented on the map and that our head office is located in Campbeltown.

For all media enquiries please email:

Campbeltown Head office

PA28 6DN
Tel. 01586 552319
Fax. 01586 552344

View timetables and routemaps for Campbeltown & Kintyre.

Campbeltown Campbeltown
Complaints and feedback

At West Coast Motors we want to provide you with the very best service that we can and need your help to put things right if we do not meet you, our customers’, expectations. We therefore have a customer complaints procedure which aims to ensure that any concerns or complaints that you bring to our attention are dealt with in a consistent, fair and transparent manner. We will endeavor to answer your enquiry as fully as we can and investigate the matter thoroughly

Our full customer complaints procedure is available to download here

Contact Details

Anyone wishing to submit a formal complaint may do so by one of the following methods:

by email:

by telephone:

01586 552319

In writing:

Please complete the form available here and send to:
Customer Services Manager
West Coast Motors
Argyll PA28 6DN

Your Comments

If you are making a complaint, please try and give us as much information as possible, eg, date, location, time, driver name, service number, route details, vehicle registration and any other details you think might be relevent