Back to school travel guidance

1 month ago Wed 5th Aug 2020

As schools return find out more about the measures we have put in place to maintain safe and responsible bus travel for school pupils.

Face coverings

In line with the Scottish and UK guidelines it is mandatory to wear face coverings and maintain (where possible) one metre social distancing measures whilst travelling on bus.  

Dedicated school transport is considered an extension of the school estate. Therefore, it is not mandatory for pupils eligible for dedicated school transport, travelling to and from school to wear face coverings or maintain physical distance measures on contracted school buses. 

We however have taken the decision to ask all customers, on all our buses – including dedicated school buses - to wear face coverings. We appreciate not all pupils are able to wear coverings and will not judge those who don’t. 

Dedicated school travel zones on bus

Some pupils who are eligible for dedicated school transport may also travel on some public bus services. Taking into consideration it is not mandatory for those pupils to wear coverings or maintain physical distance we will introduce dedicated school travel zones on our public serving buses where required.  

This will be at the rear of the bus on single decker buses and upstairs on double decker buses. We shall clearly mark these zones on bus. 

The school travel zones apply to travel to and from school only. Out with school travel times normal measures should be applied. 

Boarding and leaving the bus

We would also encourage school pupils to board the vehicle from rear to front: people first on board should go to the back of the vehicle. When leaving the vehicle please leave from the front first an do not leave the seat until the person in front has left the vehicle.

In depth cleaning 

We have and will continue to have an in-depth cleaning programme in place throughout the day.  Hand sanitisers are available on all our buses.

These measures do not apply to fare paying pupils. Fare paying pupils must adhere to the safety measures applied to public transport, wearing face coverings and maintaining physical distance measure 

If you have any questions about our back to school travel guidance please do not hesitate to get in touch.