2 months ago Thu 1st Apr 2021


Download our leaflet for Dunoon: Pingo%20Intro%20-%20Dunoon.pdf

Download our leaflet for Campbeltown: Pingo%20Intro%20-%20Campbeltown%5B92%5D.pdf


Pingo Update 14 May 2021            

Our new pilot, Pingo service has now been running for four weeks within our Dunoon and Cowal network and two weeks in Campbeltown.  We are delighted that the community has supported this service and seen the major benefits of on-demand bus travel.  We are extremely grateful for all the feedback we have received from customers who have used the service so far.  We are continually striving to enhance the service and work closely with the app developers to deliver a customer-friendly app that offers a convenient and efficient service.

Service expansion in Dunoon and Cowal

We are excited to announce that we are now extending the service in Dunoon to run on Saturdays in addition to the current Monday to Friday offering.  We hope to see further expansion of the service if the current usage levels continue to increase.  Saturday service will commence in Dunoon from Monday, 24 May.

Our two-week “travel free” campaign in conjunction with Hi Trans and Argyll and Bute council has been greatly received, providing an incentive for customers to try the service and experience it completely free of charge.  This offer ends on Tuesday, there is still a couple of days left to claim your free journey!

New fare structure

As our introductory period ends on Tuesday 18 May, we will introduce our new Pingo pricing structure which will be set at the following:

£2 base fare plus 20p per mile

Your fare will automatically be calculated by the app when you make your booking.  This fare structure will be applicable for the Pingo services in both Dunoon and Campbeltown.

Thank you!

Once again, we would like to thank all our customers who have downloaded the app, traveled on the Pingo service, or taken the time to give us valuable feedback.  Our Pingo driver Craig Morris in Dunoon has been one of the many key people who have been instrumental in launching and running the service and he has very much enjoyed meeting customers new and old and welcoming onto the new Pingo bus!





What is Pingo  

Pingo is a new app that allows customers to book a shared journey not served by bus at a time that suits you.  It covers the Dunoon, Cowal, and Campbeltown area and acts like an on-demand service. We realise that our customers need flexible, convenient travel and that timetables don’t always suit your needs.  Pingo will take you from A to B quickly and conveniently at a time that suits you.

By simply downloading the “Pingo Rider” app you can book your journey quickly and easily, pay for your journey online and even track the progress of your bus as it makes its way to your selected pick-up point.  It's as easy as  - push a button, get a bus!

Welcome to on-demand bus travel!

When can I use the service?

Pingo is now available and up and running within the Dunoon, Cowal, and Campbeltown network.

Who is Pingo for?

Pingo is for everyone, flexible, convenient bus travel that works around you

Where will it pick me up and where can I go?

Anywhere within the Pingo operating area. The Pingo service is perfect for attending your vaccination appointments, catching ferry connections and shopping (essential for now) the list is endless.  You can view our map of the operating area here: Dunoon_Area_Map_WEB_0.pdf and for Campbeltown Campbeltown_Area_Map_WEB.pdf

Does the Pingo service follow the bus network?  

No, it will take you on the quickest route to your destination at that particular time (within the West Coast Motors Dunoon Cowal and Campbeltown network).  

What does it cost?

For all fare-paying customers, Pingo has an introductory flat fare of £2.  Pingo is free for concession cardholders. 

How do I download the app? 

All you need to do is download the “Ride Pingo” app to your smartphone or device.  See our easy-to-follow instructions below.  If you require any help with downloading the app, please contact us on 0141 370 9262

What if I don’t have a smartphone?  

You can still book the service by using the Pingo helpdesk on 0141 370 9262.  

Can I use the Pingo service to get my vaccine? 

Yes, you can. Once you have your appointment simply book your slot and we will take you from your location to the vaccine centre. Pingo is the smartest and fastest way to travel to your vaccination appointment.

What else is new  

Our new, wheelchair-accessible, 16-seater minibus will be operating the Pingo service.  We plan to have the new minibus on display locally over the next few weeks where you can see the minibus and talk to our driver about the service.  We can even help you download the app!  


How to download the Ride Pingo App


  1. To download the “Ride Pingo” app you must have a smartphone or an ipad/tablet.


  1. If you have an apple device open the “App Store” and search for “Ride Pingo


  1. If you have an android device open the “Google Play Store” and search for “Ride Pingo’


  1. The app is completely free, and you will not be charged any money.


  1. Now open the app and “allow” Ride Pingo to send you notifications.


  1. Click “Get Started” and fill out your details


  1. When prompted to enter your phone number remember to change the first two digits to +44 and take off the first 0 when you enter your number.


  1. Your phone will then be sent a code by text message to enter into Pingo.


  1. During the next step you can add your debit/credit card details if you would like to pay online but you can also skip this stage.  Please note that your details are encrypted and will be safe and secure.


  1. Allow Pingo to access your location whilst using the app.


  1. That’s it, you’re all set!  You can now explore the app and enter where you currently are and where would like to go.