We aim to deliver an excellent experience to all our customers and we are committed to making our bus services accessible to everyone. It can be daunting to use a bus or coach if you are unfamiliar with it, so we've put together key accessibility information below to allow our customers plan ahead and know what to expect.

We welcome all feedback and use it to improve our services. Please get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions or recommendations.

Wheelchair Access

All our buses meet the legal requirement to have a bay which can accommodate a standard reference wheelchair (up to 700mm wide, 1200, long and 1350mm high).

Each bus can carry one wheelchair at a time. Priority to the bay is always given to a wheelchair user.

Our buses are also equipped with low floors and ramps to allow wheelchair users to board easily.

To make your journey simple, keep in mind:

  • Drivers will park as near to the kerb as possible when you board and alight the vehicle
  • You should get on and off the bus facing forwards
  • Apply your brake and make use of the bars/handles in place when the bus is moving

Coach travel

We allocate coaches to some journeys, mainly those service operated on behalf of Citylink.

Our coaches are fully wheelchair accessible by a lift which is installed on all coaches and our team will do everything they can to help make your journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

If you are a wheelchair user and planning to travel with us on services operated on behalf of Citylink, simply book your journey (preferably 48 hours in advance) by using the Citylink journey planner  or  by calling 0141 352 4444 or emailing [email protected]. Citylink phone lines are open 7 days a week from 10am to 4pm. 

To show how hassle free it is for wheelchair users to travel by coach our customer Brian Spalding kindly assisted in our coach accessibility video. We hope you find it useful.


Mobility Scooters

We accept Class 2 mobility scooters up to a maximum size of 1000mm long and 600mm wide with a maximum turning circle of 1200mm. We ask mobility scooter users to show their permit to travel to the driver as they board.

To make your journey as safe and pleasant as possible, please ensure you are able to handle and control your mobility scooter independently and safely.

Unfortunately we cannot carry wheelchairs or mobility scooters which, combined with the weight of the user, are heavier than the limit of the wheelchair ramp (generally 300kg).

Prams and pushchairs

Unfolded prams and pushchairs can be carried on our buses. 

You should be prepared to fold your pushchair if a wheelchair user requires the wheelchair bay. 

To make your journey as simple as possible, please take care to ensure:

  • your pushchair does not obstruct the aisle
  • the brakes are applied for the duration of your journey
  • you remain with the pushchair at all times
  • the handles are not overloaded with bags

Blind and partially sighted customers

Our customer service team and drivers are trained to provide assistance to visually impaired customers.

All our drivers must stop for customers with white canes to state their service number and destination.

Trained assistance dogs and guide dogs are always allowed on our buses free of charge.


All dogs are welcome on board our buses*. We simply ask that you follow a couple of simple rules:

  • Dogs, big or small, are not allowed to sit on the seats
  • Travelling dogs must remain on a lead and be seated on the floor for the duration of the journey

*Whilst all dogs are welcome on board West Coast Motors services, please be aware this doesn’t include bus or coach services we operate on behalf of Citylink, where only trained assistance dogs are allowed on board.  

This means no dogs, excluding trained assistance dogs, can travel on the following routes: 

Service 975, 976 (Glasgow to Oban) 

Service 978 (Edinburgh to Oban) 

Service 926 (Glasgow to Campbeltown) 

Air Service (Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport) 

In line with Citylink’s policy if an animal is taken on board without the driver's permission the passenger may be required to remove it.  

For all info relating to travelling with animals visit Cylink's FAQ page 


We do not have bike racking facilities on board our buses at this time. We try to accommodate customers travelling with bikes, however this is not always possible and is ultimately at the driver's discretion. 


Our service buses do not have toilet facilities available on board.


Our buses may be fitted with CCTV visual and audio recording for customer security purposes. Signs are on display in buses with CCTV. We use video and sound recordings to ensure we are delivering a high quality service and to support any reasonable requests from enforcement authorities.

Other useful information

If you would like to board the bus, simply put your hand out to signal to the driver and he/she will stop.

Ring the bell to let the driver know you would like to alight the bus as you approach your stop.

From time to time our services will be disrupted by road works and other events. We always aim to operate our scheduled timetable and route. However, when this is not possible, we post updates on our social media pages, website and on bus. You can find your nearest bus using our live bus tracker on the West Coast Motors app or online.