Our Data

Network Data

  • Describes our network in terms of stops, lines, journeys, and schedules.
  • Used to generate timetable information, and used in journey planning.
  • Available in two different formats, TXC (xml or zip) and GTFS.

Current Data

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2024-06-02 to 2025-06-14

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2024-06-02 to 2025-06-03

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Mobile Products

  • Describes the products available for sale through our mobile app
  • Provided in CSV format
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Open Street Map

  • A slice of Open Street Map data surrounding our network.
  • Converted to XML from the original PBF format.
  • Used in places search and journey planning.
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Stop Data

Network data, mobile products data, and stop data are licensed under the Open Government License Version 3.0.
Open Street Map data are subject to the Open Street Map copyright and license terms.