Dog policy on Citylink services

9 months ago Tue 22nd Aug 2023

Whilst all dogs are welcome on board West Coast Motors services, please be aware this doesn’t include bus or coach services we operate on behalf of Citylink, where only trained assistance dogs and small animals which are fully contained within a transport-approved pet carrier (eg IATA approved) are allowed on board.

The pet carrier must be secured on the floor area of the coach beneath the passenger’s feet. Under no circumstances will a pet carrier be allowed on the seats of a vehicle.

This means no dogs, excluding trained assistance dogs and those in pet carriers, can travel on the following routes: 

Service 975, 976 (Glasgow to Oban) 

Service 978 (Edinburgh to Oban) 

Service 926 (Glasgow to Campbeltown) 

Air Service (Glasgow to Edinburgh Airport) 

In line with Citylink’s policy if an animal is taken on board a Citylink route without the driver's permission the passenger may be required to remove it.  

We appreciate this might be frustrating when travelling on a West Coast Motors vehicle, however our driving team must adhere to Citylink's policies when operating bus routes on Citylink's behalf.  

For all info relating to travelling with animals on Citylink routes visit Citylink's FAQ page