Service updates

8 months ago Wed 3rd Nov 2021

Please note that we will make the following changes to our networks from the 14 March then further changes from 25 March.  Please continue to use our journey planner for all your travel needs.

Cowal and Bute Network from 14th March 

Service 484

There will be an adjustment to the routing of the afternoon school journeys that currently operate from Dunoon Ferry to the Grammar School and then to Carrick Castle.  The service will instead operate from the Grammar School, via the Ferry Terminal before travelling to Carrick Castle. This is to provide a better connection to ferry arrivals from Gourock for those living along this route. 

Cowal and Bute Network from 25th March

Service 478 & 90/490

There will be changes to the journey patterns and timing of journeys on these services to provide reduced journey times on Service 478 as well as enhanced connectivity via the Colintraive to Rhubodach Ferry service. On School Holidays the first journey between Dunoon and Colintraive is extended to operate to Portavadie, a similar journey will be introduced on Saturdays. 

Service 90/490

We will revise timings to allow for the operation of some journeys via Mount Stuart House. Unlike previous years where we operated to the Visitor Centre, this year we will operate to a stop located directly outside the house. 

Service 90/490, 491&492

To allow for clearer communication of which services cover which route we have taken the decision to withdraw service 493 from 25th March. All journeys it operated will instead be covered by a similar timed journey on the other services. 


Mull from 25th March

Service 494 - All journeys will now operate to Calgary.

Service 95/495 - New timetable with later journeys meeting ferry connections.

Service 96/496 - New timetable.