3 months ago Wed 15th Jul 2020

Over the coming weeks, service changes will be displayed on this page. We would also strongly advise you use our journey planner for when planning your travel. 

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our latest advice and guidance before travelling. We thank you in advance for adhering to our measures for safe and responsible travel. 


Service updates - From 19 October

From 19 October we will make the following changes to our network, improving journeys and connectivity.


Service 423  - 1530 departure from Oban on schooldays to depart at 1547 from the High School instead of 1545. Sa­­­­­­­me departure time from Oban Station but will arrive at Ardrishaig 1724 

Service 425/426 - will start from Lochgilphead, Lochnell St at 1150 instead of Mid Argyll Hospital at 1145 will commence 12 October.


Service 490  - Additional early journeys on service 490, Monday to Friday only

  • 0601 Port Bannatyne to Guildford Square 
  • 0615 Guildford Square to Port Bannatyne 
  • 0701 from Port Bannatyne will now depart at 0646 to connect better with ferry departure.     Then operating via Joint Campus from Guildford Square. 
  • 0731 Port Bannatyne to Kilchattan Bay will operate via Joint Campus, departing Guildford Square at 0740. 

All other times will remain as they are presently, including the operation to Ettrick Bay. 

In addition, during school holidays the 0745 490 Service has been extended to Rhubodach to meet the new early journey on 478 to Dunoon for 0857.  The current trip at 0802 during school holidays from Port Bannatyne is now from Rhubodach at 0810 to catch any passengers from Dunoon and will pass Port Bannatyne at the later time of 0821 to accommodate this connection 

Service 491/492  - Additional journeys added to Bute town services 491/492 Monday to Saturday. 


Service 478  - Retiming of the departure from Colintraive on Saturdays to match the ferry times and ensure a connection from Bute can be made.  

A new early trip from Dunoon to Colintraive and return has been added during school holidays.  The bus will sit and wait for 15 minutes to allow connections to/from Bute before returning to Dunoon for 0857. 

Service 486  - Last journey has been extended to Leanach 

Service 489  - Slight adjustment to the journey serving Toward Primary School to ensure an arrival before school finishing time. 

Dial A Bus  - This will be reinstated, date to be confirmed 


Service 5/405  - An earlier trip on 405 has been added from Glengallan Road 0707 to Etive Park and return departing at 0729 to Glengallan Road, serving the Station at 0750 to allow travel into Oban by 0800 which is currently not available. 

Service 415  - All journeys to operate as service 415. 

Service 417  - Minor timing adjustment to facilitate the change to service 418. Depart Kerrera Ferry 0817 instead of 0822 

Service 418  - Adjustment of school day journeys to Easdale Primary school to operate via North Cuan. 

Depart Oban 0835 

Depart Ellenabeich 1527

Mull  - Revised timetables on all services to reflect the changes to ferry times. 

Campbeltown  - No planned changes following those made on 21st September. 


School holiday service updates - From 12 October

We have introduced the following changes during the school holidays for next week only. These changes are only to the School holiday timetables and don’t affect those that are in place for the Schooldays.

Service 448

Addition of a 0930 departure from Lochgilphead to Tarbert, returning from Tarbert to Lochgilphead at 1000.

Service 478

Addition of an 0815 from Colintraive to Dunoon, connecting with a service from Rothesay as noted for service 490.

Service 490

Addition of an 0745 from Rothesay to Rhubodach, returning at 0810. This providing the connection to service 478.

Service 422

The 0835 from Ardrishaig will terminate at Lochgilphead, Lochnell St on School Holidays.


Dunoon, Bute & Oban - From Monday 21 September

Dunoon/Bute – Service 478 and 490 later journeys added. The last 478 departure from Dunoon has been reinstated leaving Dunoon Ferry Terminal at 1737 to connect with the Colintraive-Rhubodach ferry where service 490 will be waiting for onward journey to Rothesay, Guildford Square for 1855. On service 490 the 1810 journey has been extended to connect with the Rhubodach-Colintraive ferry where service 478 will be waiting for onward journey to Dunoon Ferry Terminal for 1927.

Oban – Service 418 from Barran Estate at 0815 to Dunollie, Park Primary School will now serve Glengallan Road at 0832. This service replaces previous departure on service 401 to Park Primary School at 0816 which no longer operates.


Glasgow Citybus Service 15  - From Monday 21 September

Further to our previous post the switchback southbound will now not be closing from Mon 21 - Thur 24 Sept. It will however be down to one lane so please plan some extra time for your journey between the hours of 09.30 - 16.00hrs.


Glasgow Citybus Service 17  - From Monday 21 September

From Monday 21 Sept Service 17 will operate an extra, earlier journey, departing at 07.24 from the city.

Saturday times have also been altered to improve reliability.  Please see our timetable section for more details 



From Monday 14 September


Service 421 - Timings adjustments have been put in place to reflect demand for travel to Fort and Port Ban.

Service 422 - Inclusion of Lorne Road on 1215 and 1315 journeys

Service 23/423  - 1345 from Oban on Schooldays to now depart at 1330, 1520 from Ardrishaig on Schooldays to now depart at 1525

Addition of 1710 journey on Schooldays from Oban to Ardfern, returning from Ardfern at 1810.

Non school day journey from Oban at 1700 will now depart at 1710 for consistency.

Service 425/426  - The 0900 departure from Mid Argyll Hospital will start from Lochnell Street at 0905.

Service 428 & 429 - Adjustment of the number of journeys starting to/from to avoid too many services congesting Chalmers Street.



Service 478 - Retiming of weekday afternoon journey on Thursday and Friday to better match school times.

Service 480 - Adjustment of some journeys to operate as service 482 via Alexandra Parade instead of Milton.

Service will commence at 0850 from Ferry Terminal to Hunters Quay Holiday Village.

Service 482/483 - Simplification of service to operate as 482 only, additional journeys will operate

Service 489 - Adjustment of journeys to reflect school transport requirements and requests for additional journeys between Toward and Dunoon.



Service 1/401 - Adjustment to journeys to reflect current demand at school times.

Service 5/405 - Adjustment to journeys to reflect current demand at school times.

Service 408 - Journeys operating to/from Oban High School will also service Etive Park to ensure sufficient space is available for all travelling.

Service 416 - Adjustment to journey to reflect current demand at school times.

Service 417 - Services to Gallanachmore will now operate as far as Kerrera Ferry due to no other suitable turning point being available beyond there.

Service 418 - Morning service from Barran Estate to Oban will now operate via Soroba and be extended to Dunollie.


West Coast Motors From Monday 7 September

Service 95/495 

On weekdays there is presently a journey from Tobermory at 0855 to Craignure, this will no longer be operated.

On Saturday and Sunday the timetable is presently designed around operation from Craignure. This changes to operate from Tobermory.


West Coast Motors Thursday 4 Friday 6 and Monday 7 September

Due to roadworks on the access road to the the Fishnish Ferry A884, service 95 will be unable to call at the ferry terminal on Thursday 4, Friday 5 and Monday 7 September. If you require help or assistance please contact our Craignure office on 01680 812 313.


West Coast Motors (from Monday 17 August)

  • Service 1/401        Extension of one journey to Ganavan in the morning
  • Service 5/405        Minor timing adjustments
  • Service 100/440    Minor timing adjustment PM to operate via Grammar School
  • Service 300/445    1020 journey from Carradale brought forward to 1015
  • Service 421           Minor timing adjustments
  • Service 422.          Minor timing adjustments
  • Service 448.          Will now serve Whitehouse for school pupils instead of service 449. 
  • Service 449           Will no longer serve Whitehouse Village as noted. 
  • Service 478.          Minor timing adjustments
  • Service 484           On Thursday and Friday afternoons the afternoon service will depart earlier
  • Service 486           Some adjustment to running times. 
  • Service 489           Minor timing adjustments

Service 90/490      0800 from Port Bannatyne to Rothesay operates on Schooldays & 1506 from Port Bannatyne to Rothesay now extended to Rothesay Joint Campus 


Glasgow Citybus (from Monday 17 August):

  • 17                        Additional journey on weekdays at 0615 from Duntocher to City
  • 124 (SPT)           Service reinstated as previously operated.
  • 142 (SPT)           Service reinstated as previously operated.
  • 153 (SPT)           Service reintroduced on Weekdays only. 

Those noted with (SPT) are operated on behalf of SPT.