GlasGo Bus Alliance

6 months ago Wed 27th Oct 2021

Despite the challenges the bus industry is facing we are pleased to be progressing at pace with the rollout of the GlasGo Bus Alliance.  

The GlasGo Bus Alliance, a partnership of Glasgow City region bus operators of which we are a part of, has been formed to improve sustainable travel in and out of the city whilst increasing bus patronage by 25% over the next five years.   

Meaningful engagement with current and potential customers, affordable and easy-to-use ticketing, and improved and simplified travel information will be instrumental in encouraging more people to ditch the car and hop on a bus.   

To deliver in areas out with our control, such as congestion, road infrastructure, bus priority measures, and on-street travel information, the GlasGo Bus Alliance will work in partnership with the region's local authorities and SPT through the Glasgow Bus Partnership Steering Group.    

Like most industries our world will be a very different place as we fully step back out, the alliance presents a fantastic opportunity to truly understand people‚Äôs new travel requirements and design a transport system befitting to a world-class city.  This week we launched a survey to understand those travel requirements, please take the time to complete and share with friends and family. 

We are also pleased to announce the GlasGo Bus Alliance is working in partnership with Transform Scotland and will be involved with its national #lovemybus campaign. 

Click here to take the survey or for further information visit our website.